GAP Developments plc is a successful merger between GAP Holdings Limited and Tigne’ Skies Limited a subsidiary company of Azzopardi Group.  GAP Developments plc is a public limited company and it’s Chairman is Mr George Muscat. Tigne’ Skies Limited is a relative new company in property development but it forms part of one of the largest business groups on the island. 

Although established in 2001, through its Chairman, Gap Holdings Limited has over 30 years of experience in the property development sector.  Apart from identifying a mutual business opportunity, through this merger the two companies recognized that their common business philosophy of delivering the quality promised on a timely fashion would further enhance the success story of the Fort Cambridge Development.  GAP Developments plc relies on the benefits of top quality in finishes and specifications, using the services of the best people in the field for architectural design and consultancy.  GAP’s success is built on giving people what they want and need, rather than expecting them to fit in what is available.  Keen research of the market makes us aware of what is required.